Leadership Development

Trust in leaders has been continuously declining for the past several years and is at an all-time low (Bhalla 2017) and there is an expectation that these trends will continue.

A recent survey by Harvard Business Review affirmed the most important leadership characteristics (Giles 2016):


College graduate and undergraduate programs claim to provide leadership training in preparation for the complexities of today’s environment. Yet, a recent study demonstrated that most business degrees provide strong financial skills but graduates lack effective leadership skills. (Wellins and Sinar 2017)

Clear Way Forward is not a trendy organization chasing buzz words and popular memes. We rely on the time tested, holistic, relationship building, collaborative leadership techniques exemplified by our finest military organizations (United States Marine Corps and Special Operations Forces) in the harshest of human conditions, uniquely backed by three decades of practitioner experience and academic rigor from the nation’s most elite educational institutions.

Clear Way Forward can help you see through the storm.


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