As a Leader – make time for yourself! It is not selfish. It is your duty


I have been humbled and touched by so many family members, friends, and colleagues offering support and encouragement as I made the announcement to launch Clear Way Forward LLC.  It is hard not to find the courage to start following your dreams and passions knowing you have so many in your corner. Good advice I learned during this process – don’t wait for the perfect moment or to get everything in order, just start.


As a Leader – make time for yourself!

There is plenty of data out to suggest that leaders need find time to reflect and think about the business and the future of the organization. Leaders are not maximizing their value to the team or demonstrating the capability and resiliency to lead through crisis and change when they allow themselves to be shackled to an encumbered meeting schedule and then simply respond to emails in their limited white space and from home.

Brian Scudamore, founder and CEO of O2E Brands, offers that Warren Buffett has spent 80 percent of his career thinking. (Scudamore, 2016)  In this piece, Brian offers his approach to “Thinking Mondays.”

If we are to effectively develop leaders capable of operating effectively, sustainably and responsibly in increasingly complex and uncertain environments, then a broad and comprehensive approach to mindfulness is essential states King & Badhma (2018) in their piece about leading in uncertainty and making a case for mindfulness.

(I know to some, mindfulness, can be seen as the in vogue buzzword of the day.  So if you haven’t pressed the “mindfulness” button yet, replace it with a word or words that are more palatable to you like – thinking or time for strategic thoughts and vision, etc)

Reflect and Reset

Most people’s image of Marine Corps boot camp comes from sensationalized Hollywood imagery. What many don’t realize is the Marine Corps starts teaching you to be a leader in recruit training before you even become a Marine.  A basic leadership principle the Marine Corps ingrains in all Marines is to Set the Example. Therefore I intend to set the example here in Reflect and Reset.  (

I don’t intend to make any promises about frequency, because – guess what? – life happens. I’ve seen and heard too many blogs and podcasts that commit to a frequency and in a short time, the creator spends most of their opening making excuses because life happened and they weren’t able to keep their frequency promise. 

Not here. Life happens. But I intend to be disciplined and committed to Reflect and Reset.   


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